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ARPEL On behalf of all ARPEL Representatives, Committee’s Chairpersons and the Executive Secretariat, I would like to convey again my sincere appreciation and congratulations to you and the STAATSOLIE staff for the outstanding organization of the 2010 ARPEL Representatives Annual Assembly and Committee Chairpersons Meetings, and the Seminar “Oil & Gas Industry Seminar: Regional Responses to Global Challenges” that took place in Suriname between July 22nd and July 24th, 2010. We thank you also for the well organized visit to STAATSOLIE’s Plant and the insights provided in respect to your operations and expansion plans.
We are aware of the efforts that represent to host events of this magnitude, and STAATSOLIE exceeded all expectations. Not only were we able to carry out the programmed work smoothly, but you made us all feel at home and gave us the opportunity to greatly enjoy beautiful Suriname beyond anything expected. Our stay at the Bergendal resort was a memorable one. The comments received from the participants highlight the exceptional organization, the beauty of the surroundings, the quality of the facilities, and the hospitality and professionalism demonstrated by everyone during the events and our stay.
Please extend a personal thanks and congratulations message to all the STAATSOLIE and ORGANICE staff involved in the organization of these events, mainly to: Widjai Jungerman, Beryll Kraag and Claire Antonius.

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